What is plastisol heat transfer?

Plastisol heat Transfers is screen printed designs that are printed on a heat transfer release film instead of directly on the shirt.The printed transfer sheet will be shipped to you address once the production finished. Then you can use a heat press machine to apply those designs onto your shirts, hoodies, or any other garments


It is a more cost effective option and reduce much work for you.

1.You can Focus on Designing Artwork

What you need to do is offering artwork of designs,the other jobs will be finished at our side

2.Your Workplace is Clean

Compared screen printe,it is much more clean,a press machine and a table,that’all you need.It is not as messy  as screen print.

3.You no need to invest much

The investment is smaller than screen print and not struck with stock you can not sell

4.Print multiple designs on a sheet

You can mix the multiple design on a sheet to get economic scale.


For other questions of plastisol heat transfer,please feel free to contact us at jane@sewillcn.com